Why 3DClones?


Every website online claims that THEY are the best.  We would like to provide you with some TANGIBLE reasons for why you truly are getting the best value for your money when purchasing from 3DClones.

1) DURABILITY - We produce everything out of POLYRESIN.  Most other factories only offer polyresin bodies but attach clay heads which break very easily.

2) EXPERIENCE - We have been in the business for many years and train + nurture artists.  Having the most talented artists is the greatest asset for 3DClones and we are proud of the work our artists produce.

3) REGULATORY - Our product has been tested and approved for North American standards.

4) QUALITY - We have a team dedicated to quality control.  Unlike most factories looking to simply 'get it done' and move on to the next project, 3DClones takes great care on each project.  We are meticulous to every detail that we sign our name to.

5) TRANSPARENCY - 3DClones has been operating for many years. We have produced for dignitaries, celebrities, prime ministers and many fortune 500 companies. We not only want you to be excited while making a purchase, we want you to remain excited through the production process AND upon receiving your order. We offer the opportunity for you to preview proofs as your 3DClone is being hand made, to ensure you LOVE what you see and are able to provide feedback along the way as though you are right here with us!

6) FUN! - They say you can taste the love in mom's cooking.  Well we aim to have our customers feel the joy that we as a team share while working on your project.  After 10 years and to this day, we are excited with EVERY order we receive online.  We have fun working on each order and look forward to receiving comments from our customers -especially after they receive their order!

7) WE LOVE WHAT WE DO - We wake up each morning excited to do what we do best.  This is evident in the dedication of our staff as well as in the quality of the final product we make.  

8) PRICE - Being in this business for many years, we are experts at streamlining the production process to ensure efficiency that enables us to reduce costs.  This savings is passed on to you the customer.  Our business model is to operate on low margin, high volume and high quality.  

9) 3DClones is appreciative of each and every customer that has placed their trust in us with their order.  We know there are other options out there.  At the same time we know that you will be extremely impressed with our craftsmanship.  We want you to LOVE your order. You owe it to yourself to purchase only the best.  We are committed to earning your trust for not just the purchase you make today, but for purchases you make in the future when happy moments are to be celebrated.


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